Klodawa Salt Mine an exceptional place

Klodawa Salt Mine – a unique place

Our country, like roulette online decisions has very good in terms of tourist attractions. Many people visit our mountains, the Baltic coast, Masuria, Warsaw, Krakow or Wroclaw. We have beautiful national and scenic parks to enjoy. For years we have also been famous for our mines. However, few people know that Klodawa Salt Mine is the only such place in the world.

The deepest in the world

Visiting industrial sites has been in vogue in our country for years, as evidenced by the Route of Industrial Monuments in Upper Silesia. Among the many interesting attractions in the south of Poland, we have salt mines in Wieliczka and Bochnia, the Guido coal mine and the Tarnowskie Góry Silver Mine. In the case of Guido, we can go as deep as 355 meters underground, which makes a huge impression on many. However, as we have already mentioned, quite a few people do not know that we have something much deeper. Klodawa Salt Mine, because that's what we're talking about, is at the moment the lowest tourist attraction in the world!

A tourist route created for those interested is available at a level 600 meters below the ground surface! In no other place in the world can we freely walk as deep as this! What's more, this is a route that virtually anyone can use. It is not only available for children under 7 years old. It is important to know that this is still the largest active rock salt mine of its kind in Poland. This means that during the tour you can run into real miners who are leaving or returning from work. Today, salt deposits at levels of 600 and 750 meters are being exploited. It is assumed that the current mineral deposits will allow the mine to function normally for many more decades. Local residents have become accustomed to the sound of explosions from the mine. It may be interesting to note that probably in most cases, when we deal with kitchen salt, road salt, it is from Klodawa.

The site itself is located about halfway from Lodz to Wloclawek, so it is located more in the central part of the country, in the Wielkopolska province. In it you can count on a tour lasting about 2.5 hours , where we will ride in both directions in a real elevator in the mine shaft, which moves at a speed of 6 meters per second. We have as many as 400 kilometers of underground chambers and galleries throughout the mine, which is very impressive. We, of course, will see only a modest fraction of this, but it is not excluded that in the future several more tourist routes will be created. Currently, we can learn about the history of the place, how miners work, what machines are used. If we are lucky, we will actually meet miners or witness the transportation of salt to the surface. Underground chambers are both empty spaces and also chapels, gathering places for workers.

The aforementioned chambers are great places to organize additional attractions. In one of them in 2007 a concert was held for 500 spectators, which was entered in the Guinness Book of Records.

Since the mine is mining salt at all times, the greatest precautions must be taken here. Tours take place only in selected months, days and at specific times. The object therefore does not function like a typical tourist attraction. Prices for an individual tour start at 50 PLN. So it is worth visiting the official website of this place and reading additional information for tourists.

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