Onet mobile. Special section for Christmas

Onet mobile. Special section for Christmas

The second case study presenting non-standard mobile products that the advertising department of the Onet Group prepares. Kamil Wójtowicz, mobile sales specialist in the Onet Group’s special sales team, writes this time about the service for Christmas prepared for home appliance manufacturer Electrolux.

After last year’s success of the mobile version of the Christmas website, we decided to continue the project this year as well. The Christmas service in the mobile version included the following tabs: „Gifts”, „Kitchen”, „Out-of-home”, „Holiday time”, „Preparations”, „Recipes”.

The service’s benefits were bending like a table under the weight of Christmas Eve dishes. The „Gifts” section presented a list of Electrolux products that were ideal for Christmas gifts. The „Preparation” section was a collection of articles that hinted at how to prepare for Christmas easily and pleasantly using Partner’s products. In the tab „Recipes” users could see what culinary suggestions can be prepared with Electrolux devices.

The entire service, moreover, was branded with the company’s exclusive logo. Each article also had a clickable partner box. The site was promoted through an interactive widget on the homepage, counting down the time left until Christmas, an advertising link and a self-promotional campaign.

The campaign was implemented during the period:


The entire site recorded 43 690 UU i 72 528 PV.

UU (unique user): Unique User a person who uses the Internet at least once a month, recognized and defined by the adserver based on a cookie (corresponds to the number of computers).

PV (page view): Page view – full loading in the browser of an HTML type document.

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