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According to research, 8 out of 10 Polesów prepares meals at home, and spends 6.1 hours a week in the kitchen. On the other hand, it is said that only 30% of osób cooks for pleasure. Why? Perhaps this is due to the effect ofóin which we obtain and most willingly „we would give away the apron”. This is because we often do not know how to prepare dishes to bring out the right taste. And the temperature or time of cooking the food is of great importance. Below are culinary tips about whichóWhat to remember when cooking.

Culinary tips – gas under glass

Cooking tips: at what temperature to cook rosół?

Rosół – król Sunday, guest on many Polish tables, regardless of the occasion. According to a survey „One hundred questions for the centennial of independence" it is rosół is the No. 1 choice of Polesów, chasing away even tomato. The first recipe for this soup can be found in the cookbook „Compendium ferculorum, or a collection of dishes" published in 1682. Howób therefore prepare this soup? The most important factor affecting the taste of the broth is the cooking time and temperature. It is these that affect póThe source taste of the dish. The optimal cooking temperature for broth is 85 °C. Why? At higher temperatures (e.g. 95 °C) the aroma of the meat ceases to be so intense, and the dish acquires a bitter taste. On the other hand, if the temperature is below 85 °C, rosół may have a bloody, metallic aftertaste.

Cooking tips: At what temperature to cook eggs?

Cooking eggs is sometimes the first culinary activity we acquire in childhood. And even though it's a fairly simple product, the RPMs are not a simple productób thermal cooking is still a challenge for many of us. At what temperature it is best to cook them? Cooking time depends on the effect you want to achieve. It's a good idea to start by heating the water to a temperature of about. 100 degrees, and then place the egg (previously stored at room temperature) in water. This will give us confidence in the amount of time it has spent in the pot, and therefore make it easier to prepare a soft-boiled egg (approx. 3.5 minutes of cooking) or hard boiled (over 8 minutes).

Cooking tips: the ideal temperature of fats

Frying food is usually done at temperatures above 100°C. However, it is worth remembering the so-called. The smoke point, or the temperature at whichórej fat begins to break down into glycerol and free fatty acids, and thus loses all nutritional properties. The next step produces acrolein. It emits in the form of biting smoke, reducing flavor, and is also considered a carcinogenórczy. How toób therefore choose the right temperature to make the prepared dish tasty? The following cooking tips które can provide a hint:

  • Clarified butter – smoking temperature is more than 250°C (it is ideal for deep frying).
  • Butter – The smoking temperature is approx. 170 °C
  • Lard – smoking temperature is 200°C (due to the high content of saturated acidóin fat, not a fat that is beneficial to health).
  • Refined rapeseed oil – the smoke point is approx. 204 °C
  • Linseed oil unrefined – the smoke point is about. 107 °C
  • Sunflower oil refined – the smoke point is about. 227 °C
  • Refined coconut oil with stabilizers – the smoke point is approx. 232 °C
  • Extra virgin olive oil – the smoke point is approx. 191 °C

– Cooking is a beautiful passion, but also a challenge for many of us – mówi Tomasz Pałosz – Solgaz production manager offering modern stoves gas under glass. Culinary tips found on the Internet certainly make the process of preparing the perfect meal easier, but you can pógo one step further. In the comfort and premium models of the latest line of Innova cooktops, we have made it possible to choose theór the right temperature in the range from 40 to 250, która is then maintained throughout the process of preparing the dish. Thanks to this, we have full control during cooking and extraordinary precision of power setting. The Innova plate is also the world's first proposal in which theówhich uses filaments. What does this mean for the user? When you start the burner, you can't hear the so-called. cycling. In addition, the latest in the series gas under glass constantly monitors the cooking process, so the dish can not go wrong – expert from Solgaz adds.

And finally, a tip from Julia Child herself – American cook, author of cookbooks and programóIn culinary: „learn to cook, and so próbuj new recipeów, learn from your mistakesów, be fearless and, above all, have fun with it!”.

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