Orange mobile Internet – a good solution for the vacations

Orange mobile Internet – a good solution for the vacations

In the summer you need more gigabytes, because the data limit on your phone is no longer enough for you? You want to have internet on your allotment or summer house? Orange has mobile internet with a contract that you can cancel whenever you want. You can choose 10 GB or 50 GB packages at attractive prices. Check out why you should try wireless internet from Orange.

Does Orange have the best mobile internet for the vacations?

Mobile internet is a great solution if you want to make sure you don't run out of data during an extended vacation or a few days away from home. You can take it with you anywhere, because Orange has good coverage in the vast majority of places in Poland, and you will also use some of the data when roaming in the EU.

Mobile internet may be best for vacations, which you can easily give up if you no longer need it. Like Orange's mobile or home 4G internet offer on trial (check: Although you sign a contract for 24 months, you have the option to cancel at any time at no additional cost. You are only subject to a notice period, i.e. one full billing period counted from the moment you give notice.

Mobile Internet in Orange thus combines convenience and flexibility. Additionally, More than 99% of Poland's population is within range of the operator's transmitters, and every year before the vacations the company expands and upgrades the network infrastructure in tourist destinations.

Mobile Internet in Orange – what does the offer look like?

Orange offers mobile internet in two main variants.

Basic Mobile Internet will provide you with 10 GB data for only PLN 9.99/month.

Optimal Mobile Internet are, in turn, as much as 50 GB for PLN 39.99/month.

In both cases, if you exhaust your limit, a backup package of 10 GB is automatically activated for PLN 10, which will be added to your bill. When you also consume additional gigabytes, mobile internet slows down to a speed of 1 Mbps, which allows you to use social networks, browse the web or handle your mailbox in relative comfort.

In addition, Orange offers wireless internet for use inside and outside the home. 4G Home Internet gives you As much as 250 GB, including 50 GB outside the home zone. Plus you get free transfer between midnight and 8:00 a.m. Meanwhile, you will pay PLN 59.99 (24-month contract) or PLN 69.99 (12-month contract) for everything. However, you can cancel the service at any time only if you choose a 12-month contract.

Orange wireless Internet – what else is worth knowing?

Mobile Internet in Orange will be even cheaper if you already use the Orange Love package. You get then 20 PLN discount for the Optimal variant, i.e. 50 GB costs only 19.99 PLN.

However, it is worth remembering that all the prices of the offers quoted by the operator already include discounts for agreeing to e-invoicing and timely payments, as well as for marketing consents (Both discounts at PLN 5/month.). Delay in payment or desire to receive a paper invoice will increase your bill by PLN 5/month.

When you sign a new mobile internet contract with Orange, You will also pay a one-time activation fee. In the Basic and Optimal variants, it is PLN 19.99, and in the case of 4G Home Internet – PLN 49.99.

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