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Although almost 70% of respondents declare that they eat properly, survey results indicate that Poles do not have enough knowledge of what a well-balanced diet should look like. According to as many as one-third of respondents taking part in the survey conducted as part of the campaign „Vegetables and fruits – on happiness!”, The daily requirement for these products is only two-three servings. Some respondentsów even believes that it is enough to eat just one portion a day! Meanwhile, researching scientistsów prove that fruits and vegetables improve our ogólny well-being, so you should reach for them as often as possible.

Consumption of fruitów and vegetables are not only conducive to health, but can róalso affect our sense of happiness. How much of them should be eaten to achieve this effect? The World Health Organization recommends an intake of at least 400g of vegetables and fruitóin a day, which means 5 servings per day (one serving is e.g. one tomato or ogórek, one glass of spinach or lettuce, pó³ a glass of eggplant, zucchini or bell peppers). According to the Food and Nutrition Institute, these products should make up at least half of each of the recommended five mealsóduring the day.

For good cheerój

Nearly half of respondents1 (46%) participating in a survey conducted for the campaign „Vegetables and fruits – Fortunately!” admitted that she had not heard that the – recommended by nutritionistów – eating plenty of vegetables and fruitsóin can affect their well-being. At the same time, 53% of respondentsów are convinced that reaching for these products more often would improve their daily well-being.

Next to friendsół, devoting oneself to a passion or focusing on the positive, one of the eight pillars of theów happiness is róalso concern for proper nutrition, whichóre has a measurable impact on how we feel. Appreciating the power of Polish vegetables and fruitów we not only take care of good health, but also improve swój nastrój, we increase well-being and the level of perceived happiness – mówi Adriana Klos, psychologist, campaign expert „Vegetables and fruits – for happiness!”.

Portions of happiness

In the opinion of Polesów about their own diets, the majority believe they eat in a mannerób correct (67%). Unfortunately, some respondents do not have adequate knowledge of the recommended by the nutritionistóin the daily requirement for fruits and vegetables. According to 13% of respondentsów should eat one serving of these products per dayów, a third say two-three servings are enough, while 22% of respondents indicate four-five. Only 5% of surveyed Polesów are aware that one should eat more than five servings of vegetables and fruitów each day.

If we want a good nastrój has not abandoned us, let's bet on rational nutrition and permanently introduce vegetables and fruits to the daily menu – a minimum of 5 servings a day (400g). Reach for the vitamins contained in vegetables. B group vitamins (broccoli, green peas, asparagus), vitamin. C (parsley, black currant, strawberries, bell peppers, kale), beta-carotene (carrots and pumpkin) and folic acid (spinach, asparagus, bób, Brussels sprouts). Let's eat seasonal fruits, influencing m.in. For the production of hormoneóin happiness, cardiovascular function or intestinal peristalsis – convinces Magdalena Jarzynka-Jendrzejewska, a specialist in the field of cooking. nutritionist, campaign expert „Vegetables and fruits – fortunately!”.

OgólnPoland information and education campaign „Vegetables and fruits – fortunately!” is financed with fundsóin the Fruit Promotion Fundów and Vegetables. The campaign is organized by the Federation of Trade Unionsów Produceróin Agricultural.

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