What mistakes to beware of when looking for a job in Radom, Warsaw and everywhere else

What mistakes to beware of when looking for a job in Radom, Warsaw and everywhere else?

The moment when we are on the lookout for a new job is usually difficult and stressful for us. The same is true when talking about someone who is just entering the job market, as well as someone who already with more than twenty years of experience has to look for a new place of employment. Negative emotions can't get in our way, however, and make resignation and stress win out over commitment and positivity. It is best to know what mistakes are made most often, because just knowing this, can help us effectively avoid them.

In a situation where our priority is a new work Radom and any other city is probably a good place to look for interesting offers. However, regardless of the location, it is important to beware of certain things that will more or less distance us from employment in a particular company. What exactly is it about?


Unfortunately, hundreds of sent applications does not at all mean that any moment there will be as many return messages, with invitations to interviews – on the contrary. We must be aware that the recruitment period sometimes lasts up to a month, and if we send our resume right at the beginning, the response from the company may reach us after a few weeks. It is also very important to send resumes only where we actually see an opportunity for ourselves. The best thing to do here is the so-called "new". The advantage of quality applications, over quantity.

Only the truth will save us

Slightly stretching and coloring your skills and experience? After all, the paper (even the electronic one) will accept everything, but the recruiter, and certainly employers – not necessarily. Even if you have certain shortcomings, disadvantages always try to turn them into advantages and benefits. Everyone started at some point and needs to gain experience, so it is worth mentioning, for example. We have an ease of assimilation of knowledge and learn new things quickly. No one will believe us that at just over 20 years of age we have skills and experience that would indicate a market presence equal to our age.

Resume and cover letter are a must

All of the above may turn out to be irrelevant if we do not take care of the quality of our application documents. Let's make sure that the resume contains everything that a recruiter might need to assess our candidacy, and the cover letter clearly explains what our motivation is and the reason that we care about this particular position.

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