Can cheap hosting be good

Can cheap hosting be good?

To run a website, you need server resources. The cheapest way to use such a service is to choose shared hosting, which is characterized by a very attractive price. So, is it possible that at a small cost you will get at your disposal a high-quality solution that will ensure reliable operation of your sites?

Cheap and good hosting – is it possible?

Probably everyone has met the opinion that the offerings promoted as cheap and good are actually two different services. However, this does not have to be the case in every case. Let's start with the fact that shared hosting, which we are writing about, is the simplest type of server service. In this case, the resources of a single machine, i.e. of a single computer, are shared even among hundreds of users, but this does not mean that you have to choose a more expensive proposition to be satisfied. More advanced hosting services are dedicated server and VPS. They definitely give you more options, but the basic question is whether you really need them? Why pay for resources you won't use anyway? Meanwhile, a shared service will definitely work well for a blog, a company website or even a portal visited by several thousand users a day. To choose a good offer, however, you need to pay attention to several important issues that can make a big difference to you:

– Cost of extending the service – you choose a cheap hosting , but make sure what the price of extending the contract will be? Even if it will be higher than the initial amount, it does not mean that the offer is not profitable. Always consider the cost of several years of hosting. Another question: when the promotional period ends, will you be obliged to renew the subscription for another year? This necessity does not invalidate the cost-effectiveness of the service either, but it is worth being aware of such principles.

– Limit the number of domains – find out whether the company allows the use of only one or several domains on the account. Evaluate what offerings will be sufficient in your case. I would certainly advise you against choosing a hosting where you can only add one address, because over time you will probably need more.

– Transfer – ideally, it should be unlimited. If you're going to run a company website that gets a dozen or so visitors a day, you probably won't even use a few GB of bandwidth.

– Server space – the bigger it is, the better. If you get a few GB, problems can quickly arise, although it all depends on what kind of site you are running. If it's a corporate site, then you don't have to have high expectations. More space will be needed if you run a portal where you allow users to download large files.

– Limits – these include processor, RAM, bandwidth, number of databases and their types and more. When you start to exceed the allotted resources, then you will get a notification from the administrator and will be asked to choose an offer that guarantees more opportunities. If you don't respond, you may even end up with your account blocked.

– Free trial – the opportunity to check for free whether you like the operation of the server is very important. If you will not be able to use such an option, then do not consider the service in question. Without much trouble, you can find web hosts that you will test free of charge.

– Operation of the BOK – suport largely shows how hosting works. You may need help in many cases. It is important that answers to your questions come quickly and are substantive. If you wait several days for help or can't get through to the hotline for several tens of minutes, it's a sign that it's better to give up on such an offer.

– Only proven brands – it is best to opt for a company that has been on the market for years and is trusted by users. Choosing an anonymous provider may involve some problems.

Regardless of which company you are going to buy a server service from, remember that the test is the most important way to evaluate the quality of hosting.

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