Geotrapping made it possible to precisely define and reach Mercedes’ target audience

Geotrapping allowed to precisely identify and reach the target group of Mercedes

AMG – these three letters stand throughout the automotive world for top performance, exclusivity, efficiency and the pleasure of an extremely dynamic driving experience. The main idea of the activities was Bringing the history of the AMG brand closer and presenting it in a non-obvious and interesting way.

The goal of the campaign was to reach men aged 35+, living in cities of more than 100 thousand. residents, interested in motoring.

The task was to reach motorsports enthusiasts and the AMG brand with the message „50 years of AMG”. The starting point for advertising activities was to gather a base of such people. Using geotrapping (i.e. selection of target users based on their location in space and time – using GPS), selected to attend the largest automotive events in Poland over the past 3 months. They were spectators of Warsaw Night Racing, the Polish Racing Championships or the Moto Show Krakow. They have been identified as automotive fans.

These people were then targeted with a rich media campaign on smartphones, additionally emphasizing mobile devices in the premium category (e.g. Galaxy S7 and iPhone 7). Mobile full page formats containing unique video content, presented the history of the AMG brand and its most important achievements, and gave the user the opportunity to immerse himself in the sports world of the AMG brand.

Thanks to the use of an innovative solution such as geotrapping, it was possible to precisely reach a group of automotive fans. The good fit is evidenced by High rate of interaction with the creation. The average time spent on creative was 16 seconds, during which fans were introduced to historic AMG models. The average user spent more than 30 seconds on average watching video content dedicated to the brand and historical models of Mercedes AMG cars.

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