Sweet weekend – recipes for holiday desserts for the whole family

At the weekend we usually crave próbować culinary novelties, allowing yourself to eat more. Why? Because we have time to prepare the treatów, experiments, meetings in a larger group, with friendsóor family. In summer we also go out of town more often, and as we know, everything tastes better in the fresh air. We suggest what to make for a sweet weekend of supportóor with your loved ones.

Surprising finger food

What works best for a picnic? A sweet snack thatórą can be eaten with your hands without the help of cutleryów. A great alternative to the traditional cake are small donuts made of vanilla homogenized cheese. The dough does not need time to rise, they are ready in less than 30 minutes. You can easily prepare them even just in time for a spontaneous trip, with an ingredientóin, whichóre we usually have in our home supplies. Each participantóIn a picnic, he can reach for this delicious snack whenever he feels like it, without worrying about unhealthy additives, whichóre often found in ready-made cakes.

Mini homogenized cheese donuts

Ingredients (for 6 personsób):

  • 250 g of homogenized cheese Rolmlecz (vanilla with vanilla stick)
  • 2 eggs
  • 220 g wheat flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • Oil for deep frying
  • powdered sugar for opródoughnut makingów
  • In addition: a few leavesóIn a paper towel to drain the doughnutsów after frying


In a bowl, beat eggs, add homogenized cheese. The ingredients are thoroughly combined with a mixer. Then add flour and baking powder, mix everything together. From the mixture formed in this way, form small doughnuts the size of a walnut and drop into the heated oil. Fry on both sides for a few minutes each until golden in color. Remove the fried doughnuts and place on a folded paper towel. Finally, after cooling down, coat the golden balls in powdered sugar.

Dessert without baking

Another summer weekend – the family craves a deliciously sweet afternoon snack? Or maybe guests are coming in the evening? When the heat is pouring from the sky, the last thing we feel like doing is turning on the oven. Do not waste time in the heated kitchen! Prepare a dessert without baking, whichóry will take you no more than an hour! Remember, however, that cool sweets, although they usually do not require a lot of work, need time to set in the ice creamówce. Cold cheesecake with homogenized cheese and jelly is ideal as a light, refreshing dessert. Choose seasonal flavors, reach for fruits such as strawberries or raspberries.

Cold cheesecake with homogenized cheese, fruit and jelly

Ingredients (for 6 peopleób):

  • 600 g of Rolmlecz homogenized cheese (vanilla)
  • 200 ml of Łaciata 30% cream
  • About. 100 g sponge cakeów
  • 1 raspberry jelly
  • 1 crystal jelly
  • 600 ml of water
  • 350 g raspberries


Line the bottom of a cake pan (24 cm) with cling film, then arrange the sponge cakes on it. Dissolve the crystal jelly in a glass of boiling water (250ml), while dissolve the raspberry jelly in 350ml, set aside to cool for several minutes. It is important that they are cool, but still liquid. Meanwhile, prepare the cream cheese – whip the cream to stiff, add homogenized cheese to it. Once combined, we mix the mixture with crystal jelly. Pour the cream created in this way over the sponge cakes and put them in the iceówki for about 30 minutes. After that, arrange raspberries on top and pour cooled raspberry jelly over them. Thus prepared cake is left in the iceówce for several hours.

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