Learning to manage food. How to pass on positive role models to children

Every third adult in Poland admits that he or she sometimes throws food away. How to teach children proper eating behavior in such a situation, educate them on wise food management and teach them not to waste food?

„Learning not to waste food should include educating children on proper planning and proper storage of food and how toów on the use of leftover ingredients after a mealów” – points out Maria Kowalewska, director of the. Education and communication from the Federation of Polish Banksóin Food, the program's community partner „Extra School Tableówka”. First of all, it is important to realize that „example goes with góry” – it is the parents who by their behavior should show their children the right eating behavior. As adults, we need to pay attention to how we use the ingredients we use every day in the kitchen, and definitely reduce throwing away food.

„Importantly, it turns out that we can pass on the knowledge of proper food stewardship to children while doing everyday choresóin and at play. All it takes is a few simple waysów so that in the future our children will be among the adults whoóThey will know how to manage food rationally” – adds Kowalewska. Here are some ideasów!

  1. WspóFamily shopping

Learning about food stewardship can start as early as shopping. In the store, let's explain to children that only those products should be included in the basket, whichóre we really need. Fulfilling all their whims, buying „for stock” or at a rapid pace, we should be aware that some of these productsów will end up in the trash later. In addition, let's pay attention to expiration dates – Let's teach our children that when buying given products, we must be sure to use them up at the time.

After coming from shoppingów segregate products – on those thatóre we will use up soon, and those thatóWe will use them in the future. We should place them in the right place in the kitchen. Let's teach children that products with krótighter expiration dates set on closer póWe need to be sure to use up the products in time, so that in the future our children will be among adults who really need them. Products thatóWe need to store products that we will use in the future properly, preventing them from spoiling. For these activities we can involve children whoóre will help us, for example, to put loose products into boxes and sign them. Remember that order and tidiness in the kitchen is an important step on the road to not wasting food.

  1. Family cooking

Preparing mealsóThe food management education can start as early as at the shopping stageóspending time together, great fun, but also a method of educating children about not wasting food. During the next stageóin the preparation of lunch or dinner, we can teach the youngest children how to handle food wisely. We should use the products in such a wayób to throw away only their completely useless leftovers. Children can also learn that unused food can be used when preparing the next meal.

  1. Sharing and helping others

Let's donate unused food – loved ones or organizations involved in outreach or food distribution. Food will not end up in the trash and will be of use to those whoóIf they really need it. And children will follow us in the future!

  1. Fun, games, educational workshops

An important part of learning not to waste food can be educational games. At home, we can in this wayób to teach children how to plan shopping or store food. Board games or quizzes will be helpful.

Parentów, in nutrition education of the youngest, should support schools. They can do so for many róThe education will be carried out in different waysóWe should be aware that some of these products will be used in the future in the Federation of Polish Banks or at a fast pace. Such workshops on proper food management can be won by the school in a competition accompanying the program „Extra School Tableówka”. They will be carried out by expertsóat the Federation of Polish Banksóin Food in 50 squaresówkach with the most votesóin the vote that ends on May 31.

Such holistic education will cause children to learn the importance of the issue and pay attention themselves in the future how toób handle food.

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