Swap it out in the spring! Small changes in diet and lifestyle are enough for spring renewal

At last spring! Optimism is blowing and everyone is ready for change. You don't have to do an earthquake right away – very much can be achieved with small steps. The task at hand: live healthier and recover better. How to do it? Nothing easier – It is enough to change a few daily habitsów and slightly modify your lifestyle. No need for mnósacrifices! Simply swap old habits for new ones and enjoy health, vitality and a new passion for life. And perhaps a smaller waist circumference!

Swap sweets for fruit

Every time you are tempted by something sweet take a deep breath and reach for an apple, pear, strawberries, currants, berries, grapefruit – Any fruit instead of a cake or a candy bar. True, fruits contain natural sugar, but oprócz him have mnóstwo valuable vitamins. They also contain fiber, thanks to whichór you feel full longer. On the other hand, ready-made cookies, stuffed chocolates or filled waffles are not only empty calories, but perhaps also the source ofóa source of unhealthy fatsóin trans, whichórych must be avoided at all costs! Check the label to make sure the product does not contain partially hydrogenated (hydrogenated) oilsóin plant-based – these are the trans fats.

Swap white bread for dark bread and other ways to have a decent breakfast

Replace sweetened drinks with water, tea and herbal teas

Swap saturated fats for unsaturated fats and add vegetables

Doctors and nutritionists agree – To have a healthy heart we should take care of the line and eat less fatóIn saturated and fatóin trans occurring, for example. in fatty meat, cream or butter. Replace them with beneficial unsaturated fats. The best source of themóThe source are vegetable oils (rapeseed, olive oil), soft margarines made from them, avocados, pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds, as well as oily sea fish, e.g. herring or salmon. Eat vegetables with every meal – Add tomato and bell pepper slices to sandwiches, steam broccoli for fish, eat carrots for a snack, and have a salad for dinner. Vegetables are not fattening, but filling!

Replace the caród to a bicycle

Nature can't be fooled – our body is made to move, not sit. Studies show that physical activity is a cure for numerous ailments, including the bane of our timeów or obesity. How to increase your daily dose of exercise? Starting from spring, switch to a bicycle! Commute it to work, to meetings with friendsó┼émi, arrange trips with the family. If biking is not an option, ditch the caród and walk on foot – while catching some sunshine and vitamin D. If you ride public transportation, get on the bus two stops farther than usual, and get off early. Your goal should be to make 10,000 stepóin a day, so go whenever you can – Choose the stairs instead of the elevator, march up the escalator, find the household busyness salutary, and on your lunch break set aside another quarter of an hour for a brisk walk around the neighborhood.

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