Soothing, uplifting, energizing – is it worth giving up sugar altogether

Hot chocolate, tea with raspberry juice or a favorite cake often improve our autumn mood. On cold and chilly evenings, sweets are like a ray of sunshine for us, although there have been many hurtful stereotypes about sugaróIn attributing all the worst to this product. Probably more than once we have encountered the statement that we do not need sugar in a healthy, balanced diet, and some of us have begun to consider giving up this ingredient. Is it right? Not necessarily. We do not have to give up sweet treats completelyóIn order to móc conclude that we are eating healthily. The condition is moderation, whichóry is not only about sugar.

Ideally, the preservation of rówbalance. Healthy, zróA varied diet, rich primarily in vegetables and fruits, combined with daily physical activity, does not preclude the consumption of sugar, provided that sweets are only a minor addition to it – According to nutritionist Jadwiga Przybyłowska, an expert in the campaign „Sweet Rówbalance”.

The World Health Organization recommends that sugar should account for no more than 5% of daily energy needs. In the case of the youngest children – At the age of 3, this represents a maximum of 3 teaspoons of sugar. The elderly, whoóhe daily diet is 2,000 calories, according to the recommendations they can consume 5 teaspoons of sugar a day. It is worth paying attention toócknowledge that this applies not only to the sugar we add to food, but also to that already contained in products.

ZaróBoth simple and complex carbohydrates can be found in numerous products, which are not only a source of sugaróre we consume on a daily basis. Sugar itself, specifically glucose, is the primary source ofóa source of energy for our body. It is essential zarówno to work our mózgu, as well as the body.

To function effectively, our mózg needs about 550 calories, so on average 1/3 of the total daily energy requirements for our body. A proper dose of glucose (in the form of stored glycogen) is also needed by our muscles. Without it, we would not have the strength to move around and perform basic activities – says nutritionist Jadwiga Przybylowska, an expert in the campaign „Sweet Róbalance”.

Of course, the more we do these activities, the more exhausting they are, the more energy we should provide. However, oprócz provide energy, sugar can also affect other processes in our body.

„Comfort food” – for poorer well-being

One of the biggest advantages of sugar is its sweet taste, który makes food taste better and improves our moodój. It is sweets that we reach for most often in stressful moments, as well as when we want to feel better. According to a study commissioned by the campaign „Sweet Róbalance” one in eight osób pointed out that sweet snacking has the most positive effect on their mood, which is justified by how our body functions.

When we eat something sweet, in móThe Dopamine and endorphins, which are chemical compounds that induce well-being and self-satisfaction. When we consume sweet foods, found in our mózgu pleasure centers become more active.

In response to the sweet taste, in mózg are released dopamine and endorphins, chemicals thatóre cause us to feel good and satisfied with ourselves. The sugar here can be a so-called. „comfort food”, i.e. foods thatóWe eat sugar when we feel worse. When eating sweets in our mózgu pleasure centers become more active. We can take advantage of this sometimes, keeping in mind that it is not a solution for chronic mood deterioration. At the same time, it is important to noteóPlease note that sugar is a source ofóa source of readily available energy. Too many simple carbohydratesóin the diet can lead to problemsów with sleep or concentration, as róalso to obesity with its consequences – mówi campaign expert „Sweet Rówbalance” Jadwiga Przybyłowska.

Sweet taste w rótion of different perspectives

The soothing effect of sweet taste on our mind and nerves is also recognized by Ayurveda, or traditional Indian medicine. According to ayurveda, it is the most important taste of all, whichóre wyró¿nia. Others include: bitter, salty, sour, tart and dry. Oprócz that sweet taste soothes our nerves, has an important role in building body tissues. Admittedly, the intake of sugar alone, from an ayurvedic perspective, should be severely limited and balanced with other flavors. However, if we happen to consume sugar, according to the ancient Indian art of healing, it is necessary to remember the strength of the mind. It is worth choosing good quality products and celebrating a moment of pleasure, któt will provide us with.

The basic premise of the art of ayurveda is that man is energy, composed of three types of energyów: pitha, vatha and kapha, and health is rów balance between the two. Frequent eating of the productów, with a single and highly concentrated flavor can lead to its disruption. In this view, however, there is no golden rule, whichówhich we should all follow. It is an individual issue – Each of us has a different energy model, the so-called. constitution.

A similar idea accompanies the art of Chinese medicine, whichóra róalso focuses on introducing rów balance in the body, by supplementing the deficiency ofóin and neutralizing the excessów, With the help of properly selected foods and the right diet. Chinese proverb mówi that medicine and food have coólne sourcesódło. In Chinese medicine, each product is classified according to thermics, whichóra refers to the effect a particular product has on the body, as well as taste (element) and energy properties. Extensive knowledge on the subject helps to adapt the diet to the climate, the season and one's own tendencies. Although sugar is not used therapeutically, from the point of view of Eastern medicine it has moisturizing properties and also promotes the production of internal fluidsów. We can associate it with sweet syrup, który we drink for a cough or reach for a candy when we feel a dry throat. Ogólnie sweet taste nourishes, builds and strengthens the body, and enhances concentration and clarity of thought. It has the nature of róbalancing, while warming, warming and refreshing. It is essential for the proper functioning of the stomach and pancreas.

It will heal by the wedding… and if you sprinkle sugar, even earlier

It turns out that sugar has not only food properties. Everyone is well aware that one of them is the possibility of preserving food. However, few know that it has róalso use in the treatment of scaly or necrotic wounds. An in vitro study published in May 2011 showed that sugar inhibits the development of theój bacteria 1 , and preliminary data suggest that sugar is effective in cleansing wounds while being safe for use in patientsóin insulin-dependent diabetes.

Sugar has many uses and properties, but it is important to remember that the amount of sugar in our diet should be limited, and any sweet meal properly zróbalanced. Healthy, wholesome nutrition, combined with physical activity, will keep us fit and well for a long time – mówi Jadwiga Przybyłowska.

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