How to pay online with PayU and DotPay

How to pay online with PayU and DotPay?

Let’s assume that you are shopping at an online store. When you go to the shopping cart, you usually have a choice of payment on delivery, traditional transfer and just pay-by-link, which is a fast electronic transfer.

If you choose the latter option, the store will redirect you to the website of the payment operator, which may be PayU or DotPay. Here you choose your bank, enter your login and password and confirm the transfer.

You don’t have to fill in the vendor’s data and your own or enter the amount of the transaction, as in the case of a traditional bank transfer. Everything will be filled out automatically in the form, and you will basically only be left with the approval that everything is correct. You will receive a confirmation by e-mail.

It is much more convenient than paying on delivery or using a normal bank transfer. However, some pay-by-link payment operators offer traditional payment methods. In such a situation, a document is automatically generated, with which you can go e.g. to the post office to make a payment.

Are PayU and DotPay payments safe?

Online payment systems provide you with security in a number of ways. First of all, the data for the transaction is filled in automatically, which ensures that there are no mistakes.

Another important point is that all transactions and transfers are encrypted. In addition, the account numbers to which you transfer money are verified by the operators.

Very importantly, payment operators PayU, DotPay and the rest are monitored by the Financial Supervision Commission.

What is the difference between PayU and DotPay payments?

PayU and DotPay payment systems are a convenient solution if you have an e-commerce business. If you run an online store or provide services, you can integrate PayU or DotPay payments into your website.

In the case of PayU, the requirement for cooperation is to have a business activity. If you want to implement the PayU solution, your business will be verified. The advantage of DotPay is that you do not have to have a company. You can use the services offered by DotPay as an individual.

Registration with PayU is a cost of PLN 199. DotPay in this respect is quite a lot cheaper. The activation fee will cost you only PLN 10.

Both PayU and DotPay offer free withdrawals from your account. PayU also does not chargeback payments, i.e. refunds to your customer’s account. In DotPay it costs 100 PLN.

For e-transfer, e-transfer and card payment, PayU charges a commission of 2.2 to 2.5 percent. In DotPay, the commission is 2.2-3.9 percent. and 1.9 percent., if you are an individual. Both operators also add fixed fees, from 30 pennies upwards. It is worth noting that a number of fees from the price list are subject to individual negotiation. The higher your turnover, the more favorable terms you can count on.

Both systems provide you with a similar range of services, including integration with your site, installment payments for your customers, generation of payment links. DotPay works with more payment card operators. It also has a greater range of mobile payment services.

Which solution to choose if you want to implement a pay-by-link system? You may incur lower costs using PayU, but a slightly wider range of services is offered by DotPay. It is worth analyzing which points from the offer of both providers will be more suitable for your business.

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