Naturally in the kitchen Eating in the summer – what to remember

When it gets really hot outside the window, we start looking for ideasów for lighter dishes and a little róhe diversity in the kitchen. Detailsólnie, that the body naturally begins to look for a wayóIt is responsible for transporting nutrients to the cellsóin water and vitamins and components ofóin mineral, whichóre loses due to heat. What products are best to reach for in the summer? Answers are provided by Iwonna Niegowska, Knorr brand nutritionist.

In summer, our body needs especiallyólinary support, whichóboth in terms of hydration, as róThey also supplement the necessary ingredientsów and vitamins, whichówhich we lose in the heat. What ingredients should we pay attention to when preparing a menu for hot summer days?

First – hydrate

A very important part of the diet during the summer should be adequate hydration of the body. Water is an essential element that allows it to function properly. It is responsible for transporting nutrientsóin nutrients to the cellsórek, while removing metabolic products from them. The right level of liquidóKnorr nutritionist can assure us of regular drinking of small amounts of preferably pure water and supplementing the menu with fruits and vegetables, which are the best for usóre additionally provide us with important vitamins and microelementsów. Someóvegetables and fruits, such as watermelon and tomatoes, are characterized by a very high water content – up to 80-90%” – móKnorr nutritionist.

Second – eat lightly

During the hot seasonóIn the summer our body does not have as much caloric needs as in the cold seasonów. Therefore, there is no need for us to add heavy and very filling meals to our diet without a clear need to do so. In summer, it is much more important to reach for those dishes thatóThe ingredients of which will allow us to supplement our diet with the most important nutrients. Therefore, instead of heavy and warming dishes, let's reach for lighter ones, i.e. salads or coolers, które additionally help us to gently cool down the body” – advises Iwonna Niegowska.

Third – seasonally

In summer, vegetable gardens and stalls are full of vegetables and fruitsóin, in, inóre are not only tasty and colorful, but above all – healthy. This is because they ripen in full sun on soil that has been prepared for cultivation. However, this does not mean that we should forget about washing them thoroughly in running water – All fresh produce must be thoroughly cleaned before serving or using in a dish” – móKnorr nutritionist.

Summer straight from the windowsill

In summer, we have many opportunities to complement our dishes with fresh herbs and spices, które we can often grow ourselves on our windowsill. Planted in a pot, basil, mint, parsley or onions will turn green in a matter of days. And with their help we can prepare many dishes perfect for summer – soups, salads or delicious soups. Thanks to them we will reduce róAlso excessive amount of salt in our diet, maintaining the right taste”, mówi Niegowska.

Using the above advice, we can prepare delicious dishes thatóre ideal for a summer lunch or holiday dinner:

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