8 business ideas using a car

8 business ideas using a car

Car owners can not only move quickly and conveniently from place to place, but also use them to conduct business. We present interesting ideas for a company that provides services based on the use of a car or van. We also suggest how you can advantageously finance the purchase of the necessary vehicle.

Cab company

If you feel confident behind the wheel, you can make money by providing cab services. For this you will need a passenger car of any brand – new or used. Ideally, it should be a car from at least the medium segment, equipped with technologies that provide the driver and passengers with a high level of comfort. First of all, such a vehicle must not lack air conditioning. A roomy trunk for transporting luggage, access to free Wi-Fi, and a payment terminal that supports cashless payments will also come in handy. You can also target VIP clients by offering them transportation in a premium luxury car.

A cab driver can become a person with the appropriate license. The prerequisite for obtaining it is a category B driver's license, at least 5 years of experience as a driver and completion of a specialized course. Running such a business, in addition to buying a car, requires investing m.in. Into a cash register and a taximeter.

Car rental

An interesting idea for a car business is also to rent vehicles for various occasions, such as. corporate events, weddings, communions, hen and stag parties, anniversaries or photo shoots. A particularly profitable business can be providing a car to newlyweds on their wedding day. It will be necessary in this case to invest in a car of an exclusive brand, such as. Mercedes , to be able to make an impression on invited guests. It is essential for a car rental company to take out an insurance policy with a wide range of coverage.

Assistance with removals

Moving usually requires transporting heavy items, which many people are unable to handle on their own. Therefore, there is a lot of demand for the services of companies that help with loading, transportation and unloading. Such work requires not only the ability to drive a van, but also considerable physical strength.

Courier shipments

It's hard to meet a person today who wouldn't place orders at online stores. Courier delivery is a convenient, fast and safe delivery option, which is why it is so popular with customers. Parcel delivery can be carried out both locally, nationwide and internationally. To provide this type of service, it is necessary to invest in a small delivery truck with low combustion and low failure rate. The person transporting parcels should be characterized by a great orientation in the area and ease in establishing contacts with people.

Food truck

You dream of running your own restaurant, but are terrified by the high costs of running such a business? An interesting alternative may be to set up a business selling food in a truck. Food trucks are popular especially in the centers of large cities, where they attract the attention of crowds of customers e.g. During organized events. Most often, such activity consists in offering fast food, i.e. hamburgers, fries, kebabs, hot dogs, etc. You need to equip yourself with a properly styled vehicle for this purpose, e.g. using stickers. It is also important that it meets sanitary standards.

Transportation company

If you are looking for an idea for a serious business, think about providing a freight transportation service. You plan to transport items by car up to 3.5 tons? So you don't need any specialized permits or licenses. All you need is a van and a basic license to drive such a vehicle. The matter is somewhat complicated in the case of trucks over 3.5 tons. It is then necessary to have a road transport operator's certificate, an actual and permanent place of business and a properly equipped operating base. The entrepreneur must also demonstrate a clean criminal record and good financial standing. In addition, a Community license is required to carry out international transportation.

The basic expenses of a transport company can include m.in. Salaries for qualified drivers, fuel, highway tolls, insurance policy costs, as well as installments for a leased van .

Driving school

You feel behind the wheel like a fish in water, you have a lot of patience and can keep your nerves in check? So consider becoming a driving instructor. Such a specialist should demonstrate a minimum of 3 years of driving experience, know the rules of the road perfectly and have good reflexes to be able to react in time to any mistakes of the trainee. The car for practical lessons in traffic must be properly modified – first of all, equipped with an additional clutch and brake. It is also necessary to take out an insurance policy with a wide range of coverage.

Roadside assistance services

Few drivers are able to handle themselves if their car breaks down. This problem is common in our country, because on Polish roads you can find many used cars that are not faultless. Calling for roadside assistance is sometimes the only sensible solution when the vehicle has refused to obey and won't go any further. Such support will also be necessary in the event of a bump or finding yourself in a ditch after getting into a skid.

For this type of business, you need to have a truck converted into a trailer with an electric or mechanical winch. The driver should also be familiar with basic vehicle repairs.

How to finance the car needed to run the business?

You do not have sufficiently large funds to finance the purchase of a vehicle with cash? You have many options for alternative financing, the most popular of which are credit, leasing and long-term rental.

Entrepreneurs most often choose to lease a car . This is designed for those who have been in business for at least 6 months. Allows to achieve a lot of tax benefits, as well as to avoid freezing funds. The lessee pays an installment each month, and at the end of the contract can buy back the car for a small amount or lease another new vehicle. The contract can be concluded in a simplified manner, allowing you to get a car at your disposal within 24 hours of submitting the application. It is possible to get financing even with zero contribution.

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