Investment in a post-lease laptop when it pays off

Investment in a post-lease laptop – when it pays off?

A post-lease laptop is used equipment, but often of better quality than new, standard devices sold in stores. Such computers are available after several years of leasing in large companies. These are business-class laptops, tailored to the needs of those employed in the graphics industry, IT, etc. Such equipment has very good parameters and can work trouble-free for many years to come.

Despite increasingly modern technologies, mass production of electronics and the growing popularity of computers, the purchase of a laptop is still a large expense for the average consumer. The choice of a device used for work, study or gaming should never be made spontaneously or thoughtlessly. Before buying, it is worth checking the options available on the market. For example, it is worth comparing new equipment with post-lease laptops, which can be bought for a lower price and often have much better performance than store equipment.

Leasing vs. laptop class

Post-lease laptops are usually computers that were used in large companies. In general, these are brand-name devices, designed from the ground up and built for extensive corporate work. These computers are characterized by a more robust design than those available on the consumer market. The business class is distinguished by a more durable chassis, more accurate assembly and more functional system software. In addition, laptops for business use are often equipped with security features not found in consumer-grade equipment.

Parameters of post-lease laptops

Post-lease laptops used in large corporations are distinguished by a fast Intel Core i7 or i8 processor. In addition, such equipment usually has a minimum of 8 GB of RAM and an SSD drive.

If you are going to purchase a post-lease laptop for gaming, you should pay attention to the graphics card. Ideally, the computer should be equipped with a dedicated nVidia or Radeon card. Inputs are also very important. Laptop should have one or more USB 3 ports.0. In addition, for comfortable connection of a monitor, it is important to output the image in the HDMI standard, and preferably already DVI. For users who use a projector, a VGA port will be important. Sometimes a memory card reader is also useful, preferably in full-size SD format. The size of the laptop screen and the ability to replace the battery are also important considerations.

A post-lease laptop is available after a two to three-year lease with the company. After such a period, it is put back on sale, sometimes undergoes a small renovation. The performance of these devices, thanks to the business class, is much better than the models available to consumers.

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