Our tea rituals


Brand „Time for Tea” decided to take a closer look at them and for this purpose conducted a survey among theód of their customersów. What the results showed?

Rós variety of brewing

It is no secret that drinking tea is for most peopleób a permanent and mandatory part of the day. RóHowever, the preferences regarding the preparation of this popular drink are different. According to a survey conducted in stores „Time for Tea” the vast majority of us choose a classic mug for this purpose (64% of respondents), more than half less a teapot (30%), and only 6% a thermal mug or thermos. The opinions of respondents on the additives usedów were also divided. Most osób said they drink the tea version without them (30% of those surveyed). The second most common answer was sugar (26%), followed by lemon (17%), miód (14%), syrups (5%). The last items are milk and alcohol (4% each). In our individual rituals of brewing dried tea, an important role is played by róWATER. The most popular is the one from the tap, on któ57% of respondents. The remaining customers, in turn, reach for filtered water (33%) and bottled water (10%).

Preferences matter

Tea brewing, for many its aficionadoów, is a kind of ritual, with which theórym is often associated with certain habits, such as the time of consuming the brew. The results of a survey conducted amongód customersów brands „Time for Tea” indicate that the vast majority reach for their first cup of their favorite dried food in the morning (58% of respondentsów).

17% of respondents – around noon, 14% in the afternoon, and by 11% of respondents the first cup is drunk only as part of evening relaxation. Not without significance is also the company in which theótion of tea. Although due to the schedule of the day, we are often forced to do it alone (this answer was given by 40% of osó(b) then, whenever we have the opportunity, we enjoy a cup with family (36%) or friendsówith a little more pronounced cheese (24%).

Tea emotions

Our attitude to tea manifests itself not only in the ways it is prepared or our taste preferences. For many of us, a cup of our favorite dried food is associated with rówith a variety of emotions. In this regard, as many as half of the respondentsów indicated a strong association with peace of mind. For 25% it means joy, while for 18% it means bliss and relaxation. The remaining 7% of respondents bet on calming. Turns out róalso that drinking tea is viewed not only through the prism of its usefulness (satisfying thirst – 13%), but is also associated with specific sensations (such as. wonderful aroma or flavor – 44%). The uniqueness of tea makes it a drinkóThe taste and coloróry on the one hand brings to mind family (13%) and moments spent at home (12%), while on the other it is associated with health (7%) and warming up on cold days (11%).

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