We know the winners of the 2017 WorldFood Warsaw Fair Gold Medal competition

More than 150 productsóin food in eleven categories competed yesterday for medals and wyrófair awards. Manufacturer's proposalsóin and processedórców exceeded everyone's expectations, and the sublime taste and aroma effects surprised even the demanding taste buds of professionalóin the Jury. Today during a meeting with the media, the results were announced.

The jury, composed of Jaroslaw Uściinski (Chairman of the Jury, President of the OSSKiC), Miroslaw Reszczyk (Firma Janex, member of the OSSKiC Board), Zbigniew Łęgowski (Chef of the Hilton Hotel, member of the OSSKIC), Agnieszka Szpaderska (manager of the Fairów) tasted and judged domestic and foreign specialties for many hours, in the hospitable surroundings of Moonsfera restaurant.

Nine gold medals were awarded, twelve wyróof the awards, two awards in the category „debuts” – domestic and foreign, but as Jury Chairman Jaroslaw Ustinski said when announcing the results, all products were of exceptional quality, often original in taste and original in packaging. Our culinary tastes are very różne, but it is clear that the food industry market is alert and open and is trying to meet the challenges.

We present the list of winnersóIn the Competition for the Gold Medal of the Fairóat WorldFood Warsaw 2017:

1. Organic food

Gold Medal: BIO black garlic, from Five Transformations Simpatiko s.c.
Wyró¿nishment: Fresh Dates Medjool, size Large, 100% BIO, by Organic House
WyróWyr Wyr Wyr: Organic universal rapeseed oil, from Company Złoto Polskie Marek Wolniak

2. Fruit and vegetable preserves, products of plant origin

Gold Medal: bell pepper salsa with chili and garlic, from SPO Twój Ogród Przemysław Koszałkowski
Wyrósouring: cold-pressed, unrefined, unfiltered hemp seed oil, from Oil Paradise company
Wyrósition: honey mustard, by OgróDziadunia's dec
Wyróaward: celery pate vegetarian, from Pracownia Mniam Sp. z o.o.
Wyróaward: spelt flour, from Bio Life company

3. Meat preparations, products of animal origin

Gold Medal: Levant Salami, from Salbac SA

4. Dairy products

Gold Medal: Twaróg Klimek from Kujawska SpóDairy Cooperative

5. Bakery products, confectionery, sweets, snacks

Gold Medal: Chocolate Miód Raspberry Chili, by Healthy Food Park Sp. z o.o.
Wyrómanufacture: Cranberry flax challah, from Janusz Gaca's GJ-GACA company
Wyró¿nation: Rye Bread, from Bakery Company „Real Bread”

6. Frozen products and ready meals

Gold Medal: Organic vegan bigos, from Farma Świętokrzyska

7. Beverages

Gold Medal: 100% cherry-pressed juice, from the company Tłocznia Sokóin Owocowe Vero Dariusz Kuna
Wyró¿¿nienie: natural LOVE drink for women and men, by Tropextract Polska
Wyró¯nienie: Oriental gift box tea in sachets, by Tea Brothers – distributor of the Basilur brand

8. Innovations

Gold Medal: balsamic glaze with black currant flavor, from OCTIM Wytwaniem companyóVinegar and Mustard Sp. z o.o.
Wyrósionetta's Brain Shake (Multifit Artur Sidoruk)

9. Alcoholic beverages

Gold Medal: Solaris 2015 persevering white wine, from Turnau Vineyard
Wyrósouring: Sharish Blue Magic Gin – 500ml – 40%, by Competir Internacional

10. Polish debut

Dried pickled red beet, by FPH Paula Sp. z o.o. Sp.k.

11. Foreign debut

Gold Medal: Hummus Classic, by Company Ekona LLC

All winners and the awardóCongratulations to the winners. The presentation of statuettes and fair medals will take place on April 12 during the evening Gala.

The trade show is a great opportunity to meet, talkóin business and exchange of experience in the difficult and demanding food market, whichórym triumphs over honesty to the consumer and quality – stressed Andrzej Gantner, General Director of PFPŻ. But it is also an opportunity to learn about new products, expand your offer, present your offer to other new contractors, benefit from the experience of e.g. in export relations or searching for new marketsów. The food sector, as mówi Director of PFPŻ, is specific and changes with consumer tastesów. PodróWe reap, we get to know new tastes and smells, we come back and look for culinary memories on póstore floors in your country.
And this is what we róAlso the fair, looking for new suppliersóin, new buyersów, outputs
with products for other countries but also provide exotic productsóin Polish customers. We want the world to be close to us, in our stores.

Why you should be with us from April 11 to 13?

WorldFood Fair will be held for the fourth time in Warsaw. This year will host about 300 exhibitorsófrom home and abroad. This edition's fair attraction will be the Italian Bellavita pavilion, in whichówhich will include culinary workshops with the participation of m.in. Andrea Camastra – chef and wspóhe owner of Warsaw's Senses restaurant awarded the prestigious Michelin star, Umberto Vezzoli of T. Bistrot by Mezoli from Milan and Tomasz Kolecki from the Sommelier Associationóin the Polish.

The pavilion will bring together representatives of major brands and companies specializing in artisanal production – It will be a unique opportunity to get to know in one place such a rich offer of truffles, aged Parma ham, numerous Italian meats and cured meats, balsamic vinegar from Modena, extra virgin olive oil, fresh cheeseów and other dairy products, pastaóWe are committed to providing a platform for the development of new markets, including regional wines and spirits.”- encouraged today, Agnieszka Szpaderska, Manager of Targów.„More than sixty of Italy's top producersóin food and beveragesów will present authentic products, róssuersód thousand others with quality, brand and history.

After last year's edition, as many as 48% of fair visitors were looking for organic offerings. Therefore, this year the EcoFood zone is the organic industry in a nutshell. Participation allows visitors to get acquainted with the sector's offerings, exchange experiences, gain new partnersóin business, participation in interesting panels and discussions. The organic food industry, although still small, is on the rise. Demand for organic food is growing

At a rate of about 20% per year. To meet these trends, we have decided on a specialóln particular, pay attention to the EcoFood zone at this year's event. Convenience for visitors looking for productóin certified, there will be special signs of companies with organic certification. We hope to meet the expectations of our domestic and foreign visitors thanks to this. We are committed to making WorldFood Warsaw an international platform for establishing contactsóin and exchange of food industry experience” – informed Agnieszka Szpaderska.

Due to the special pre-Christmas time, during the fairów will hold the event: WIELKANOC – MIĘSNE ŚWIĘTA – POLSKA TRADYCJA, as part of a series of events promoting Polish pork and beef and their products during the Easter holiday throughout the country. During the fairóWorldFood Warsaw 2017 will feature an Easter Table presentation with tastings for the public.

As part of the fairów The organizers have also organized numerous debates, B2B meetings, culinary demonstrations, meetings with representatives of chains and numerous attractions and competitions for visitors.

You will not be disappointed visiting the Fair, as the offer will be interesting and varied.

These and other attractions await you at a unique industry meeting in Warsaw!

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