The latest iPhone SE – 5 reasons why you should have it

The latest iPhone SE – 5 reasons why you should have it

In April 2020, the electronic world was in turmoil, as another model of Apple phone was released to the market. The iPhone SE has caused a bit of controversy, but also admiration. Check out the pluses of the latest iPhone SE.

Apple surprises with recycling and performance, the latest iPhone SE

It would seem that the new iPhone is a design throwback to 2015, when the electronics giant released the iPhone 6s. Thick bezels, combined with the relatively small display on the new phone from Apple, can definitely evoke such associations. A design resembling the iPhone 8 actually hides many elements of the cutting-edge iPhone 11. The classic monochromatic color line in the form of a red, white and black casing can also refer to the design of phones from years past. In addition, the iconic round home key, which has started to become a thing of the past with new Apple phone models, is present. In addition to some visual aspects that may not be to everyone's liking, Apple has offered a number of modern solutions that, combined with the amount of more than 2 thousand. PLN they give users great value for money. Follow along with us through the highlights of the new iPhone SE.

1. Compact size

The latest iPhone SE is a pleasant surprise for all those looking for sleek phones that carry comfortably in their pockets. If you're tired of large smartphones that you have to constantly watch out for and feel their size when stored in your pocket, the iPhone SE is something for you. You can use this phone seamlessly with one thumb in one hand, and its sleek, rounded finish will further enhance the comfort of this smartphone. The 4.7-inch display is the perfect solution if you appreciate the phone's compact size. This is an extremely lightweight smartphone – it weighs just 148 grams. If you prefer to watch movies and series on a TV and are not a seasoned gamer, such dimensions of a phone with remarkable slimness (7.3 mm) will certainly appeal to you.

2. Excellent specifications

Apple's A13 Bionic processor, known from the iPhone 11 Pro, is an incredible solution for the new iPhone SE 2020. Add to that fast NVMe storage and a battery life of up to 1.5 days, and you can confidently describe the iPhone SE as extremely fast and efficient for programs, multimedia or the camera. All thanks to the refined iOS 13 system. If your battery starts to run down, you can use a wireless charging station – such solutions have also been offered by the manufacturer. In addition, Apple's hallmark is that it provides users with a long period of technical support and system updates, so you can be sure that your iPhone SE will perform at optimal levels for years to come. The RAM size is also satisfactory, and the internal memory is 64, 128 or 256 GB.

3. Great photos on the iPhone SE

The manufacturer offered a 12 MP rear camera and a 7 MP front camera. Five times digital zoom, optical image stabilization, panorama up to 63 MP allow you to create excellent photos. Your passion for photography will be developed by a great portrait mode for studio shots, as well as six lighting effects. You can bring the play of light and shadows, because the iPhone SE 2020 has smart HDR. If you like to shoot videos, this phone will let you create professional videos in 4K and 60 frames per second.

4. Waterproof body

The glass and aluminum construction of the new iPhone was made with incredible precision. The quality of the case and display is unquestionable, and the IP67-certified waterproof body is a nice upgrade to the phone.

5. Attractive price

The price of the latest iPhone SE has caused widespread surprise. Users are used to Apple-branded phones, oscillating between 3-5 thousand. PLN. New iPhone priced at just over 2 thousand. The PLN was a surprising move on the part of the manufacturer. The value for money, however, remains unwavering, as this phone is simply great quality and a bargain to start the adventure with Apple hardware. It's a sleek, lightweight phone with a great processor, fast charging, super-fast Wi-Fi, impressive photos and Apple Pay payments. If you don't want to spend 4-6 thousand. PLN for a flagship phone or more than 3 thousand. Gold for the iPhone XR or iPhone 11, test just this model from Apple. Perhaps in people who use the iPhone X or a newer model this phone will not excite. Nevertheless, for anyone who wants to enjoy undeniable quality and comfort, the new iPhone will be a hit if they have no preconceptions about the visual aspects of this model. It's very efficiently recycled, and the refreshed form factor in the iPhone SE 2020 model still maintains a high level.

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