What are the functions of labels sewn to clothes

What are the functions of labels sewn to clothes?

Some people are disturbed by them, some are bitten by them, and still others do not pay attention to them. Often torn out or cut out – clothing tags. It turns out that there is a lot of useful information on them, which we do not even read, but only throw it away. What is so on the labels and why are they there at all?

The most important designations

Unfortunately, many people do not realize how much information we can read from a tag that is attached to our clothes. Above all, it must bear the logo of the manufacturer under whose eye the garment was produced. This way, as a consumer, you can be sure that the goods you have purchased are original and of full value. It can be said that it is a kind of brand identifier that creates its own clothing lines. Everyone uses completely different types, as they can be marked with hot-stamping, heat-printed labels, cardboard tags or leather tags hanging in plain sight.

Another piece of information you are sure to find on a tag is the size. It is definitely one of the most useful and key information for a consumer who wants to buy clothes that fit his body. If you want to put size markings on your own clothing then go for thermal printing, because that way it will never come off, even when washed.

The last key element is additional information, such as composition, washing and ironing method. This should not be forgotten, because as a consumer you have every right to know the composition of the clothes you buy. It may have something in it that sensitizes you or that does not suit you in terms of material preference. Information on how to wash also seems superfluous, and it is very necessary – by reading it you will avoid any trouble with shrinkage or wrinkling of clothes. The manufacturer indicates exactly what conditions, what temperature and what program should be set to, so as not to destroy the recently purchased clothing.

Custom tags – is it worth investing in them?

Probably for this reason you were interested in our article – if you are going to start your own clothing brand or start sewing accessories of your own production, you should think about your own labels. Garment tags in the form of tags are extremely convenient and very stylish, as you don't have to invest in machines that create tags using thermal printing. Still, they look prestigious and show your brand in a good light.

Professional printers create unique products that not only surprise with design, but also with solidity of workmanship. Try to choose only proven and recommended manufacturers to avoid a misguided investment. Choose the type and aesthetics of the label, first of all, according to the type of products created and the nature of your brand. This will highlight all the most important features for a potential consumer to notice. Commissioning the printing of custom tags will be a great move and another step towards increasing the reach and popularity of your store.

We hope that our article has convinced you that labels are extremely important not only in the clothing industry, but also for the consumer himself. They not only provide you with the necessary information, but also give you confidence that a full-quality and original product has been purchased. You should pay much more attention to clothing labels, as they ensure that you don't damage your clothes during washing and have the necessary information about the composition, and by creating your own labels, you emphasize the uniqueness of your products.

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